Section 8: Measuring your success

8.1 Evaluation

Developing and implementing a supervised toothbrushing programme in Devon is a new initiative for the Public Health Department of Devon County Council. It is important that the considerable funds invested are well used and yield measurable results.

In setting up this programme we have learned from the evaluation of programmes implemented elsewhere in the United Kingdom about what they find works well. Now, through our own evaluation we have an opportunity to find out about what is particularly useful to promoting the oral health of the Devon community, what works well and what might be further developed as the programme advances.

Throughout the two-year life of the current programme we shall take an interest in the process and also the outcome of the programme activity. At intervals there will be an opportunity for you, your colleagues, your schoolchildren and your associated families’/carers’  to give feedback about the programme. In addition, changes in toothbrushing behaviour will be assessed. This will be directed by the audit department associated with the NHS Oral Health Improvement team coordinating the overall programme’s delivery.


Last updated: September 11, 2015

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