Section 7: Administration

There are four strands to the paperwork associated  with planning and delivery of the toothbrushing sessions. This simple paperwork is designed to make sure everything happens smoothly and accurately. We have emphasised the importance of gaining and maintaining parental consent for children to participate in the sessions  and for the form to be included in the child’s record. A daily register of participation is also kept. These registers need to be kept for two years.

Simple, dedicated paper or computer files of records of daily and weekly cleaning undertaken demonstrate maintenance of good practice and will be reviewed when the OHI team visit the school termly.

The paperwork is also likely to be used in programme evaluation.

form-graphic7.1 Ordering supplies

The final aspect of paperwork for TiD Coordinators to undertake is to regularly check levels of material supplies and to make orders to the OHI team in good time to allow for delivery. To order additional supplies please complete a Supplementary Order Form as shown on page 19 – Appendices Forms. Materials should only be used for the designated purpose. Calculations have been made about the likely amount of supplies each school will need each year for programme delivery.


Last updated: September 11, 2015

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