Meet the team

We are committed to providing high quality care. We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of dentists, dental nurses, dental therapists and administrative support.

We are all registered with and governed by the General Dental Council.


All of our dentists have experience of looking after people with additional needs.  Some of our dentists are specialists.  These specialists are registered on the specialist lists at the General Dental Council and have undertaken extensive training in their specialist area of dentistry.

Oral surgeons

An oral surgeon is a dentist who has had additional training to carry out more complex surgical procedures in the mouth. This includes removal of wisdom teeth, teeth which are unusual shapes or in difficult positions, removal of cysts and also taking biopsies of various lumps and bumps. Oral surgeons can work in a variety of settings including general dental practices, hospitals and community clinics.

There can often be confusion between an oral surgeon and a maxillofacial surgeon. The latter is a person who is dual qualified (ie. with a medical and dental degree) who will provide treatment on a wide variety of conditions involving the entire head and neck. Oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons can often work together as part of a larger team as they tend to cross over with the various conditions they treat.

Dental therapists

Dental therapists are able to carry out dental treatment.

You will see a dentist to have a treatment plan formulated and the dental therapist will then carry out your dental treatment.

Dental therapist can carry out treatments such as fillings, extraction of baby teeth, fissure sealants and treatment and prevention of gum disease. They also administer local anaesthetic and take X-rays.

Some of our therapists have additional training to allow the treatment of patients under inhalation sedation

Dental nurses

The role of the dental nurse is to support and help you during your appointment, and assist the dentist or dental therapist in carrying out dental procedures.  Dental nurses also have an important role in infection control.

Many of our dental nurses have extra qualifications, allowing them to take X-rays at the dentist’s request, provide dental health education, and assist in certain sedation, general anaesthetic and oral surgery sessions.

Oral Health Improvement Practitioners

An oral health improvement practitioner has an important and valuable role within a dental practice to promote good oral health care and work with various patient groups to help prevent oral disease. They are able to effectively deliver oral health care messages, educate a wide range of individuals and have the ability to adapt information and communication to the specific needs of those they’re educating.

Dental receptionists

Our friendly and helpful team of receptionists carry out a wide range of duties.  They are often the first member of the team that you will meet when you arrive at the clinic. They carry out a wide range of tasks such as making and changing appointments, providing you with information while you are waiting for your appointment and dealing with payments and exemptions.

Administrative teams

In addition to our clinic teams we also have an office-based team of staff who carry out the administrative tasks that allow our clinic teams to function effectively.

Last updated: November 24, 2020