Key Stage 2

These new resources are intended to support the teaching of National Curriculum Key Stage 2 Science Unit 3A “Teeth and Eating”

The enclosed lesson plans follow the ten sections of the original syllabus as outlined by the Department For Further Education and Skills. (DfES). For convenience each Lesson Plan retains the original title of its corresponding section within Unit 3A.

Schools vary on how this is to be divided up between each session. Because of this we have kept to the original 10 session / lesson plan. However if longer sessions are timetabled (e.g. 2 hours per session) the lessons can be linked together.

Session One – Introduction (1 hour)

Session Two – Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 (Both Food Lessons)

Session Three – Lesson 4 and Lesson 5 (Both Pets/Animals Lessons)

Session Four – Lesson 6 and Lesson 7 (Both Dental Anatomy Lessons)

Session Five – Lesson 8 and Lesson 9 (Both Dental Health Lessons)

Session Six – Review (1 hour)

Last updated: March 26, 2014

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