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The PowerPoint presentations below have been created to aid the oral health training of those you work with.

A healthy mouth for you and your baby

A healthy mouth for your baby

Healthy mouths children under 6

Healthy mouths children under 12

Healthy mouths for young adults


Access the PowerPoint presentations below to support your work or learn how to look after yourself and your family

Healthy mouths – children

Improving oral health – adults


The links below are available to help ensure CQC requirements are met within your residential care home or support home. Feel free to adapt them for your use as they should be tailored to meet the individual needs of the residents.

CQC ‘smiling matter in care homes’

NICE guidelines (shortened version)

Oral health assessment 1

Oral hygiene care plan

Daily oral care chart

Toothbrushing chart – stars

Dental passport


Use the easy read leaflets below with the service users to help them achieve good oral health and overcome any fears about attending the dentist.

Gum Disease Leaflet

Tooth Decay leaflet

Brushing Your Teeth

Going to the dentist


These documents have been designed to help with specific issues when providing oral health care.

Resistance to care


Dry mouth

Suspected Oral Cancer Lesion

Oral cancer

Dysphagia and nil by mouth

Substance abuse


Toothbrushing technique is important to ensure the teeth are clean. These videos are really useful and will help grow confidence when brushing the mouths of those you’re caring for.

Help me to have a healthy mouth video – with thanks to Kernow CCG

Help me to have a healthy mouth, time to brush – with thanks to Kernow CCG


Last updated: June 4, 2020

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